Every year more and more domestic brands begin to position themselves as family businesses. And this has a completely understandable explanation – customers trust family enterprises more.

Moreover, the family business brand is a symbol of reliability. Of course, it does not stimulate purchases by itself, but it definitely increases consumers’ loyalty and makes the brand closer to them.

According to recent marketing research, in the perception of customers a family brand is associated with social responsibility, stability, it is focused on the quality and interests of the client. It does not matter what kind of brand is it – B2B or B2C. In any case such positioning is an advantage and a basis for creating a successful brand story that can play on an equal footing even with larger competitors.

But there is one nuance as a result of which many companies avoid being called “family”. This is a stereotype that contrasts family ties with professional ones. Indeed, family companies have high chances that problems between relatives can cause difficulties in a common cause. However, such personal problems can arise in absolutely any company, even if its owners are not bound by blood. But it’s family brands that don’t look “soulless” and “faceless.”

Large corporations lose confidence, while family businesses gain it. Use their advantages when creating your brand!