Choosing a name is one of the most difficult aspects of branding. First of all because it stays with the brand forever. It is relatively easy to change the logo or website, but the name changing often means creating a new brand. That is why it is important not to make a mistake and choose the most successful name at the first onset.

Check if the version you like matches the following criteria:

1. Is the name unique?

To verify this, compare the brand name with the names of its competitors.

2. Does the name reflect an idea that is supported in brand positioning?

Rate the brand in its customers’ viewpoint. How do they relate to this brand compared to its alternatives in the market? How do they identify your company?

3. Can the title be relevant even after a while?

The key advantage of a functional brand is that it clearly describes the product. But this can be a problem when expanding the scope of activities or entering a new market.

4. Are there any negative associations with the brand name?

This is especially important if you are planning to enter the international market. Before you start work in this direction it is worth checking your name. It may have a negative connotation in another culture.

5. Can you protect the name in the legal field?

The brand name is an asset and it must be protected from unauthorized use. Before choosing a brand name, check for brand names with a similar or alike name. And of course do not forget to register your brand immediately in accordance with the requirements of the law.

6. Is the brand name easy to pronounce and understand?

A great way to check the brand for compliance with this criterion is to ask ten-year-olds to repeat and write down its name. If they do not cope with the task, it may be worthwhile to find another version of the name.

7. Is the name memorable?

There is also an excellent test for checking this parameter. Tell a few acquaintances about how you want to name your brand and call them back in ten days to ask if they remember the name. If yes, that’s great, because the better the name is remembered the more sales the brand can generate.